Comments FAQ

Can I comment anonymously?

Absolutely! Anonymous comments are allowed on this blog. 

Why are all comments moderated?

This is a safe space for victims/survivors, first and foremost. As a survivor of abuse and owner of the page, I have earned the right to be arbitrator of such things. 

Why isn’t my comment show up?

I’m a pretty busy person, I might not have had a chance to approve it yet. 

Why hasn’t the author replied to my comment?

See above. If a reasonable amount of time has passed without a reply, please remember that the author doesn’t owe you a reply. Though an author has chosen to share some aspects of his or her life with you, it’s her or his prerogative to share more of the story. Author’s don’t owe you anything. 

Why wasn’t my comment approved?

Typical reasons your comment was not approved:

  • victim blaming or shaming 
  • hostility towards anyone
  • Off topic 

I still don’t understand why my comment wasn’t approved?

Read up on privileged. Start here: The Distress of the Privileged