17 Self Care Highlights from 2017

“I knew what I wanted; I went in and got it

Did all the things that you said that I wouldn’t

I told you that I would never be forgotten

And all in spite of you”—Sia, “Alive”

Being in a relationship with a narcissist means putting yourself last, always, or you will be punished. In 2017, I worked hard on relearning self care. Here are some of my favorite ways I cared for myself, in no particular order:

  1. I learned how to do my makeup. I take time to do it every day.
  2. I style my hair in the morning.
  3. I get regular hair cuts.
  4. I bought a full length mirror. I look in the mirror and I’m happy with what I see for the first time in my life.
  5. I go to therapy weekly.
  6. I went to the doctor and even had an out patient medical procedure.
  7. I bought a house.
  8. I finalized my divorce.
  9. I took my ex back to court to protect my children instead of arguing endlessly with him.
  10. I started taking aerial silks classes.
  11. I got a new tattoo to celebrate myself.
  12. I lost 38 pounds and two pant sizes. I’m back to my normal weight.
  13. I went on 14 dates with 8 different guys and learned something each time.
  14. I go out with my friends. Sometimes it’s even my idea.
  15. I bought myself clothes that I like.
  16. I stopped my ex-narcissist mid-criticism, told him to say “thank you” instead, and walked away from that asshole.
  17. I write.

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